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We pioneer tools that enable companies to gain an edge over their competition, while protecting their company and clients. While others imitate, we innovate. More than just software for vendor compliance and project bidding - we provide solutions for smoother, more scalable business operations, oversight, and much more. Our roots are in the property management industry, yet our flexible tools are also used in other markets where vendor risk is a concern, including the healthcare, insurance and financial industries.

World-Class Enterprise Level Risk Management At Your Fingertips.
Increase Efficiency On Project Bidding and Management Through Automation.

Moving Companies Forward

MyVendorCenter is a comprehensive, premium Vendor Management system for residential and commercial property management. This customizable program offers superior flexibility and power that focuses on delivering results to improve company workflow, efficiencies, oversight, and risk management.

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Connecting With Property Owners

Tying all of MyVendorCenter’s cutting-edge features together are our Smart Community Websites that seamlessly integrate project bidding, contracts and record keeping features with various levels of user permissions.

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Helping You Meet Legal Requirements, Such As:

  • Florida Condo Association website requirements
  • Competitive bidding requirements, i.e. Florida Law re: Community Association bids
  • Nevada’s Common Interest Communities (CIC) re: sealed bidding & minimum proposals
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MyVendorCenter is a free, cloud-based web application that can be used anywhere you have internet - no installation needed. In addition, the MyVendorCenter manager app for iOS and Android ensures vendor and compliance management is always within reach.

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Why Use MyVendorCenter?

It Starts With Screening

The Vendor screening process is simply too time-consuming and critical to rely on busy staff, who are often untrained in compliance, to administer without a professional solution in place. This is why we built MyVendorCenter — the best, comprehensive vendor management software available that allows Management Firms to easily implement and audit such an integral part in servicing properties.

But an effective system requires more...

Why Would I Need More Than Risk Management?

What Good Is A Compliance System If It Doesn't Manage Projects And Vendors While Providing Manager Oversight?
Rein In Liabilities And Oversights

Your Managers' Mistakes Can Hurt Your Business

There are mistakes your managers make that you simply cannot catch without the right systems in place, especially regarding vendor compliance. Some of the more common grievances include deviating from approved vendor lists, required compliance procedures, or even state laws.

This is why it's so important for executives to have a window into their managers' activities, because using an unlicensed, uninsured or underinsured vendor could damage client relationships or put their management firm out of business - even for a small job like this company.

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Pegasus Management Lawsuit:

  • Pegasus Management and an Association, located in Santa Monica, CA, hired the Hruby Company to install rain gutters.
  • Cost of installing gutters was estimated to be about $1,050 and take approx. 2 days.
  • An employee of Hruby Company fell from a ladder and was electrocuted, resulting in serious injury
  • Hruby was found to be unlicensed and uninsured, resulting in Pegasus Management and the Association becoming dual employers of the injured employee.
  • The injured employee pursued Pegasus Management and the Association for workers' compensation benefits.
  • Workers' Compensation board evenly split the cost to cover the $18M Workers' Comp claim between Pegasus Management, the Association, and the Hruby Company.


What Should Executives Be Doing?

For a long time, it was impossible to quickly provide useful data related to vendors and projects. Manually managing this process requires too many working parts to be accurate or effective and is almost impossible to audit. And relying on one-dimensional compliance systems connected to accounting software offers little to no protection whatsoever - like putting airport security after the flight.

This is why MyVendorCenter created the most powerful vendor management system for the property management industry, at no cost to you or your clients! At any time, executives can log into their accounts and oversee the activity of their staff and vendors, from bidding to contract, ensuring their managers are protecting both their company and their clients every day.

You can't fix what you can't see.
You can't fix what your managers aren't doing... until you can audit it.
With MyVendorCenter you CAN audit it.

Big Data, Not Big Brother

Making informed decisions is the cornerstone to managing a successful business. Data isn't just for marketing, creating budgets and financial projections. Our industry-leading automated reports provide actionable insight regarding the quality of services your Managers are providing, including projects, communications, and the vendors they are using. You no longer have to suffer the loss of a client before taking corrective measures to improve the services you offer. Client satisfaction and retention increases profitability.

Additional Benefits

  • Compliance Management
  • Project Management
  • Online Vendor Proposal Request System
  • Customizable Project Templates
  • Contract Management
  • Smart Community Websites (?)
  • Manager Oversight
  • Automated Notifications, Reports & Reminders
  • Enterprise-level tiered manager accounts
  • Individual and company vendor lists

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