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MyVendorCenter.com PRIVACY POLICY

Application of Policy

By using the services of MyVendorCenter.com, you accept and agree to the terms and practices of MyVendorCenter.com’s Privacy Policy, as set forth herein, as well as MyVendorCenter.com’s TERMS OF SERVICE AND USER AGREEMENT as set forth in that document. Please carefully read and review both documents prior to accessing the website or using MyVendorCenter.com services. This Privacy Policy addresses only the use and sharing of information collected by MyVendorCenter.com, and does not and can not control the actions or policies of third parties.

Information Collected by MyVendorCenter.com

We will not sell information about MyVendorCenter users, but we may analyze information from the site to provide a better experience and to provide better services for current and future users.  Examples of information MyVendorCenter.com may collect, evaluate, compile, and analyze include information entered by users in the course of using the features of the site, including names, addresses, and other identifying information; e-mail communications and addresses; operating systems; internet protocol (IP) addresses; browser types, versions, and plug-ins; and viewing history, including the date, time and duration of visits to the website.  MyVendorCenter.com reserves the right to receive and gather other information about users, customers, and Vendors in the course of utilizing the website.

Handling of Information

MyVendorCenter.com uses customer and website user information to help it customize and improve its services. MyVendorCenter.com stores a variety of information entered into the MyVendorCenter.com website as well as any other information provided. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHOSE NOT TO PROVIDE INFORMATION. However, if you choose to withhold relevant information, MyVendorCenter.com may may not have sufficient information to either create an effective and complete RFP, or to properly respond with a viable proposal.

Withholding relevant information may reduce the utility of the features offered in the website and thus the results achieved.

MyVendorCenter.com may send e-mails to those that access the website and may receive a confirmation showing that the recipients have opened such e-mails.  If you do not want to receive e-mails from MyVendorCenter.com, you should not use the tools and services available, as much of the functionality and convenience is based upon e-mail communication.

MyVendorCenter.com uses "cookies" and MyVendorCenter.com obtains information when your web browser accesses the website. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that MyVendorCenter.com that will enable MyVendorCenter.com to recognize specific browsers and provide customized features. Most browsers will allow you to adjust security settings or have other features or devices that will allow the user to limit, prevent, or disable the browser from accepting new cookies. However, blocking or disabling cookies may prevent you from taking advantage of some of the features of MyVendorCenter.com’s website and services. Once you provide personal or identifying information through the MyVendorCenter.com website, you are not anonymous to MyVendorCenter.com. Once you make a service request, you are not anonymous to Vendors who may seek to provide such services. Once you provide a proposal to the system, you are not anonymous to the Property Manager that you are responding to. MyVendorCenter.com enables you to share information to solicit and receive service request responses and to complete transactions. Website users and Vendors agree and acknowledge that a primary purpose of the website is to provide a platform for sharing and distributing information. In consideration of the use, nature, and function of MyVendorCenter.com, we do not and cannot guarantee the privacy of information you provide.

Limits on MyVendorCenter.com Use and Protections

MyVendorCenter.com does not share, rent, market, sell, or otherwise disclose information to any third parties apart from to Property Managers and Vendors in the course of business, business affiliates, sister companies, employee leasing companies, and other entities described below. Vendors are not permitted to share or market your information to third parties. Your data is at all times treated as a closely guarded asset. MyVendorCenter.com uses secure technology, encryption devices, and other protections to maintain your privacy. Despite these protections and limits on use, despite our pledge to act in accordance this Privacy Policy, MyVendorCenter.com does not and cannot represent, warrant, or guarantee that your data, communications, and personal information will remain private. MyVendorCenter.com does not send spam and will not tolerate the distribution of spam through its website.  In the unlikely event that our systems or e-mail appear compromised, we request that you notify us immediately so that we may help protect you and our other users.

Sharing of Information

The primary function of MyVendorCenter.com business consists of matching the service or construction needs of Property Mangers to Vendors servicing the property area, and providing Property Manger information to such Vendors, as well as the reverse in the proposal process. However, MyVendorCenter.com only shares this information with those Property Managers and Vendors who are registered with MyVendorCenter.com. We do not provide customer information to independent advertisers, unaffiliated web marketing companies, or persons and entities within the construction industry, service industries, or others who are not registered with MyVendorCenter.com or listed on the MyVendorCenter.com website. MyVendorCenter.com prohibits Vendors from using Property Manager information for purposes other than responding to service requests, and prohibits Vendors from sharing or distributing such information to third parties. However, MyVendorCenter.com cannot investigate or control the manner in which other parties (Property Managers or Vendors) handle your information. MyVendorCenter.com may also employ, retain, or contract with other companies to perform services such as updating customer lists, providing marketing assistance, processing information requests, and other services. MyVendorCenter.com may share your information with such companies and with business affiliates, sister companies, and employee leasing companies that have an on-going business relationship with MyVendorCenter.com. MyVendorCenter.com prohibits these other companies from using Property Manager or Vendor information for purposes other than to facilitate services, for other purposes generic to the business relationship with these other companies, and for facilitating communications and sharing of information between these other companies and Vendors. Under no circumstances may MyVendorCenter.com be held liable for misuse of your information by third parties, irrespective of the circumstances alleged, and even if it is alleged that MyVendorCenter.com was negligent or grossly negligent in handling or sharing such information. MyVendorCenter.com may also release your information to conform to a subpoena, court order, or request from Law Enforcement or regulatory agencies; to comply with the law; to enforce the User Agreement and Terms and Conditions; and to protect the rights of MyVendorCenter.com, Vendors, and others who use the website. Except as set forth within this Privacy Policy, MyVendorCenter.com will notify you and secure your consent before sharing your information with third parties.

Your Obligations

It is your responsibility to protect yourself against unauthorized use of your computer or other methods of access to MyVendorCenter resources and tools, and to keep confidential passwords, account information, and other personal information. If you do share this information with others, you may be held responsible for actions taken by those who gain control over your account. Third party websites and advertisers may ascertain your Internet protocol (IP) address by sending advertisements and communications directly to your browser. They may also use beacons, cookies, tags, and other technologies and devices to monitor your response. MyVendorCenter.com has no control over such activities. You should contact such third parties for information regarding their Privacy Policies and should take adequate measures to protect any private information or to opt- out of such data collection practices by third parties.  MyVendorCenter.com encourages those making service requests, and those sharing additional private and personal information, to carefully evaluate the privacy policies of Vendors and others with whom they choose to do business. MyVendorCenter.com does not control the actions or privacy policies of third parties. In addition, MyVendorCenter.com notes that, despite proper security protocols and precautions, third parties may unlawfully intercept your communications and data.

Effective date.

This Privacy Policy is effective upon acceptance for new users and is otherwise effective on April 1, 2013. Amendments hereto became effective when posted. MyVendorCenter.com reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Unless otherwise stated, any subsequent amendments to this policy will take effect 15 days after they are posted on the MyVendorCenter.com website.